Our Story

Secret Services was recently born from the ambition of its two founders, Pascal LE BORGNE and Benoit CERCEAU, to create a luxury brand in the universe of Elite Lifestyle & Travel.

Since 1995, Pascal created and managed the company PLB COMMUNICATION-APANAGE, a counseling agency in luxury tourism. From 2000 to 2014, he also created and managed an event planning company in New York called PLB ORGANISATION INC.

Benoit founded the agency CALIFUN, which offers personalized and exclusive activities to discover the West Coast of the United States. For over 12 years, Benoit’s company has assisted some of the biggest personalities and High Net Worth individuals during their trip in California.

In height of their prestigious clientele and network they have created over the past years, Pascal and Benoit decided to found SECRET SERVICES in Paris and Los Angeles. SECRET SERVICES is considered a Private Club offering top of the line services to a very selective clientele.

It is on a basis of meticulously established criteria that each member is chosen to join the Club in order to enjoy all Elite Lifestyle & Travel services from a highly qualified team that is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


"The Club 20" is a sub section of the SECRET SERVICES Club that gathers 20 members who have all been selected for their influential personality and capacity to participate in the smooth operation of the Club by combining their network and expertise which benefit the Club. Conversations about diverse themes will soon lead to new professional connections and even friendships.

Whether the results are professional or personal, the members receive continuous assistance to facilitate the meetings and communications amongst each other thanks to the “Club 20” that is animated by Pascal and Benoit, all in its most confidentiality.

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